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An overdue update.

Sorry that it has been so long since an update. The end of the summer and the beginning of the school year have proven to be time consuming, and a little stressful. However, it is a good thing. The Invisible Children thing went splendid for our first try. That night we made 1223, and we continued to get donations up to 1400. So, that was an exciting thing to be a part of. It also seem to mark the beginning of something. Some sort of new confidence, and much less fear in my life. So, woop for Jesus on that one. (That was terribly corny, and I apologize). Now, school is in it’s first full week. I have National Government, Systematic Theology, Advanced Compostion, and English Literature right now, and come in October I will also have a weekend class called World Religions and Cults. I am mostly enjoying my classes, however the reading is intense. In some classes, the sheer amount we have to read, in other classes the weightiness. This year is just different though. It reeks with more responsibility, and a different dynamic of students. It feels already I am an upper classman, solely because I was here last year, and we are overrun by new students. Not to mention a boy-girl ratio of 2:1. So, when it all gets to me I just spend a few hours in my room, read some of Red Moon Rising, a little Isaiah and a Psalm or two, and generally I can face the world again. Another thing that is different is friends. As much as I love all of my friends, it seems my close friends from last year have scattered. I still have two, but otherwise I find myself hanging out with people who I never thought I would. Not in a bad way, just in a, what? we’re really hanging out sort of way. So, that’s all for now. There are some interesting characters here this year. Just pray for all that I have to do. All the leadership positions I’m in. And my “Whitney doesn’t like her waters teeming with boys” sanity. You know how it goes.
I love and miss you all.


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