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Well, I am going to Portland, OR. Or, well, Vancouver, WA, which is right across the river from Portland, OR. My friend, Eric, lives there, and so Eric, my roommate, Becky, and our friend, Derek, are going home with Eric! It’s a 30 hour drive, and we are breaking it in half, but Becky and I are excited like little ammatures. She’s never seen the ocean, either, so it’s pretty exciting. We’re going to stop either in Wymoning, and stay at his sister-in-law’s house, or in Idaho with Becky and my other roommate, Michelle. That makes the trip 16/18 hours for the first option, and 20/14 for the other. I’m excited! Do you know they have a bookstore the size of a city block, and three levels high? Do you know it rains all the time there? Ah! So, we leave Friday in Fern (my LITTLE green car), and Becky and I pretty much don’t talk about anything but that.

Exciting, huh?

My boss just had her baby, and it’s a boy, and his name is Bristen Clarence. More excitement.

Otherwise, I’ve just been working (consequently, I am at work right now), going to school (almost halfway done with this semester, and my college career?), and hanging out (ok, that one might be getting too much attention). Life is crazy. Our Spring Banquet is coming up, and I plan that sucker. The theme is James Bond (007, 2007, kind of cheesey, I know). I’m excited about it, though. The Women’s Conference is coming up, and my momma is speaking at that. I got offered a chance to intern at Indian Creek this summer…I don’t know if I’ll do that or not. And a friend of mine wants me to photograph her wedding! Geez, look at me. I have a lot of decisions to make in the next few months, but mostly, right now, I’m just ready for THE NORTHWEST!

I’ll have a picture update when I get back!

Love to all, and Grandmere, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


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