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Ok, ok, ok! I know I don’t write on this thing very often, so I’m sorry. Especially to you Bret, who continually asked me about my blog, to which I would always courteously dodge answering. But, I’m back with promises, hopefully not ill-founded, of more blogs. I’ll give you a quick update on life, then expound on that thought.

School is going well because I’m smarter than Uncle Bret at Brain Academy. I’m taking 15 hours which include: Prison Epistles of Paul (an inductive Bible study course), Biology (my most least favorite class), Church Growth (independent study, so I haven’t so much started on it yet), Practicum for Pastoral Care (we go to the hospital once a week and visit sick people! I really like it), and Ethnic American Literature (LOVE). The RA thing is pretty breezy this semester thanks to all my hard work last semester of building relationships. Work is boring, as usual, and my favorite person on the job leaves in March. So, I’ll probably quit after this semester. My birthday went well. I turned the big 2-1, and got crazy krunk…ok, not so much. My friends gave me a great day, and I was very thankful for them. That seems like that, in a nutshell, but let me move on to something else.

I need your help with something. For my ethnic american literature class I have to do a mulit-genre research project. To be honest, I’m pretty stoked about it. I love not having to write papers to explain how well I know something. Anyway, my research project takes the thematic idea of homing, or identity once you are away from home, and explores that on a personal level. The idea of homing is specifically Native American and says that you can come back home. The Western equivalent usually says that you can’t. For research for this, I need “family artifacts.” Letters, journals, I don’t know exactly, but also your guys’ homing experiences. This project isn’t due until the end of April, so don’t worry too much, but I would like to hear more about what you think your homing process was. Also, any family artifacts would be helpful. This goes with the idea that knowing your heritage is an important process of knowing yourself. Anyway, if you have any questions leave a comment or an email.

I love you guys so much! I can’t wait for July!



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