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Or, just an excuse to write a blog.

1. Mom, sister little, and I spent the whole day in our pjs, not showering, and watching Mad Men. There is something utterly mesmerizing about it. I mean, man, they smoke and drink hard liquor like it’s going out of style, but the way they dress, the way they live…everything seems so glamorous and so broken all at once. Needless to say, it’s almost 6 and I have just taken a shower.

2. I am obsessed with the Scene It game on facebook. Make a cute avatar, buy fake things, take movie trivia quizzes? Yes, please!

3. Next time I have a room I can paint, I think I’m going to paint it purple. Trust me. I had a vision last night. It will look divine.

4. I miss having my own house.

5. I like winter so much. I think it’s a very under appreciated. But, there is this barren beauty to it. So, quiet and raw. I am in love with it. So, the fact that it is snowing outside and the sky is that winter snow grey…that just makes me almost as happy as rain.

6. Lastly, rain is one of my most used words on facebook. Who woulda though?


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It’s Christmas Eve and instead of our usual tradition of snacks, pajamas, and presents, we are in a hotel room in Edmond, OK in the middle of a blizzard, closed highways, and a declared state of emergency. A few minutes ago, I was just about ready to whine about the ruined holidays.

But, truthfully, it’s ok. Stuck or not stuck, it’s Christmas Eve and maybe it’s even a little appropriate. To have to go with a little less instead of a little more. To make do and spend good time together. To have true anticipation as Advent is about to arrive.

And even more truthfully, something feels honest about it in regards to where I am in life right now. A little stormy, a little less than ideal, but also good, if I let it be.

So, you know what. I’m going to let it be.

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My inner craftress has been running rampant lately. I think in yarn, colors, and patterns. My fingers get an itch if it’s been too long since they’ve been crafting. And did I mention I’ve developed a crotchet callous? Oh me oh my.

In other news, while the holiday season is bustling about outside, my own little world has a sort of quietness to it that I attribute to winter. A little sleepy, a little restful, and a little shut down, but in that hibernating sort of way.

The flip side of this, is that I have been, due to various situations, been experiencing some relational disconnection. Of course, though isolation often seems easiest, I have some solid, beautiful, cherished people in my life who shake me (figuratively and literally) by the shoulders and speak some sweet, loving truth into my life.

So, here it is. Winter is cold and sometimes a little lonely.

But, if you crochet enough and have some sweet people in your life, you can find ways to make yourself warm.

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This and That.

I have been feeling sick. Eh, but, that just means lots of time for this.

But, then there is also this beautiful song that I love right now.

Other than that, I just hope to have a room like this someday.

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