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A week of Mondays.

The weekend has come and gone and here I sit. In this chair, I solve problems. I answer questions. These are my jobs. Always having a solution, always having an answer.

I sort of hate to admit how good I am at this job, or at least, that part of this job. The having the answers, the solving the problems. I don’t say this to pat myself on the back, to brag a little, or to feel good. I say it because I have always been this person. The one who solves problems and has answers and shoulders to cry on.

And I know now what I have known for all my problem solving years – this gets tiring.

In the past, when the weariness hit, after going and going and going, I would hibernate. Hole up with some book somewhere or some new tv show. I’d go on a radio silence and wait it out.

This is what we in the Psychology world call a cycle.** A pattern. Maybe even an addiction, but at the very least a bad habit.

And I am learning how to break it. (Albeit, rather slowly).

**I have no idea if this is true.


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This Week. Ek.

Since I know you’ve all been waiting with bated breath, I didn’t make it to the Underground this weekend. Apparently, it’s closed on the weekend, which makes all sort of no sense to me. But, I did enjoy Eat, Pray, Love and delicious pizza with a friend. So, in the end, I think I still win.

Do you ever wake up from a night where you have one dream after another and they are so close to things that really happen to you and the feeling they give you is so strong that you have recalculate my whole brain to remember what is real and what is not.

Lastly, since I’m already all over the place, if anyone can tell me the names of the Barbie movies I watched as a child, I would be indebted, deeply to you. Vague? Perhaps. But, I have faith in you.

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OKC, This is why I love you.

Just when I think I know all about all the hot spots in OKC (I know, I’m awesome). I discover that there is an underground city! (You can tell I’m excited about this because I used an exclamation point, which, I don’t do very often, except for some reason a lot at work because when I write e-mails I want people to assume I’m a cheery and good natured person).

So, this weekend, before or after the roller derby tournament I will be going to, I will explore the underground city. And don’t worry, y’all will get a full report.

I might even steal borrow a camera.

And yes, I did just post again today to prove Nevan wrong. But, only because I love her.

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A list.

1. I left my blow dryer at home this past weekend. Which means a bad hair week. The good news is, since I anticipate having a bad hair day everyday, I just sleep in.

2. I think I need to invest in a camera. My life (and blog – which side note, even though I have been horrifically negligent to the point of if my blog were a fern – it would be dead, I still think in terms of blog. What can I say? Blogger at heart) could use more pictures.

3. Vampire Diaries season 2 starts. If you have anything ill to say about this show, take it elsewhere. It is my most beloved of guilty pleasures, and I will defend its honor. Seriously, I’d like defriend you over it.

4. This quote made me laugh this week, “Dance like the photo isn’t being tagged. Love like you’ve never been defriended. Tweet like no one is following.”

5. Yesterday, I got to hold my newest nephew-who-isn’t-my-nephew-but-might-as-well-be, Nash. And sitting there, with my sweet friend, Val, and my precious, if not just a bit sassy nephews-who-aren’t-my-nephews-but-might-as-well-be, playing our favorite game of, Whitney-saying-crazy-things-and-NWAMNBMAWB-saying-no!, I thought, this is life.

6. I hate red box. I never return those movies on time. Free rental Monday always turns into $4 movie I don’t get watched.

7. If I say I’ll be better at blogging, would you believe me?

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