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My inner craftress has been running rampant lately. I think in yarn, colors, and patterns. My fingers get an itch if it’s been too long since they’ve been crafting. And did I mention I’ve developed a crotchet callous? Oh me oh my.

In other news, while the holiday season is bustling about outside, my own little world has a sort of quietness to it that I attribute to winter. A little sleepy, a little restful, and a little shut down, but in that hibernating sort of way.

The flip side of this, is that I have been, due to various situations, been experiencing some relational disconnection. Of course, though isolation often seems easiest, I have some solid, beautiful, cherished people in my life who shake me (figuratively and literally) by the shoulders and speak some sweet, loving truth into my life.

So, here it is. Winter is cold and sometimes a little lonely.

But, if you crochet enough and have some sweet people in your life, you can find ways to make yourself warm.


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