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I just finished Bird by Bird by the lovely Anne Lamott and I find myself wrapped in her wisdom and beautiful and hilarious words. I feel the way you should feel when you finish a good book. Warm, peaceful, and a little sad.

In other news, I have a new, secret addiction. Gossip Girl. I first watched it over a week ago when I was having a “I just want to be alone” sort of Friday night. So, I got some Chinese food and some white wine, and popped in disc one.

To say, I was hooked would be incorrect. I was annoyed by Serena’s constant whimpering and whining. And she seemed to be the focus. Yet, I couldn’t get it out of my head. So, a couple of days later I got disc 2.


Then, I was hooked. But, I still find Serena annoying as hell. And the characters which became my favorites, well, I think they’re the misunderstood ones. Blair? Love her in all her bitchy Queen B goodness. Chuck Bass? I mean, the guy’s catch phrase is “I’m Chuck Bass.” Which is totally narcissistic and genius. I like season 2 Nate. Dan is all right when he’s not oogling over Serena. And everyone else is mostly boring. Eh.

Seriously, though. Does anyone else watch this trashy tv goodness?


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