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A Good Sign

That I am already updating again.

Today and yesterday have just been one of those days where I honestly wonder if any one else has the laughable life that I do. I feel like I’ve just say back in my blue chair, called Olivia, and had to laugh at how ridiculous my life is, sometimes.

First, yesterday, I decided to go running. I have always wanted to be a runner. But, let’s face it, I’m more of a Sunday barefoot stroller. Still, for whatever reason, that desire has been inside of me, and recently, it was reawakened. So, yesterday, I decided to go with it. I put on some black leggings and then some black cut off sweats over it, my I heart NY shirt, and a grey hoodie, my orange and grey sneakers, and was off. Well, almost. Until I went outside and realized how drat cold it was, went back inside, put my hood up and added a brown, orange, and green scarf to the mix, then I was off. I started down the street I live on at a brisk walk, muttering under my breath about the fact that Oklahoma could no sooner decide what season it was than I could go a day without checking facebook, but after a few blocks I started to run. Well, you know, sort of jog, is probably a fairer description. I made it about a block before whispering a profanity and slowing back to a walk, and cursing lungs, which were certainitly breathing fire. I walked a while longer, pondering the possibility of having an asthma attack if I didn’t have asthma, and then ran another block. I had planned to do this for a fair distance. But, after that round of running, where I tried to look really cute as I ran by the boy who was fixing his car, but was sure I looked ridiculous, I muttered something about being sadistic and walked the rest of the way home. Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow.

In other news, my dear little car, Fern, is in the shop. Apparently, I must have said something offensive to her, because my dear hippie alter ego is not being very gracious to me. But, it’s really great to have guys who will look at your car for you. It’s really great until they wash it, get the spark plugs wet, and cost you another $50, not to mention the hassle of now having to tow it to the shop because it won’t start. Still, it’s really great that they feel super bad and buy you champagne to make up for it.

That’s just my luck.

There aren’t many things that truely drive me crazy and irritate me, I dislike them so much. But, the city of Wichita in Kansas is one of them.


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