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Last year, I found it to be startlingly good and hard and simple to pick one word for the year. With fearless running through the back of my mind, it shaped my decisions and thoughts like water – slow and deep*. So, this year, I thought I would do the same. If fearless helped me to remember to live life out to the edges, I knew that 2014 would be about digging down deep.

I turned 27 a little over a month ago. An age that is unremarkable in many ways (since I’m not a musician), but remarkable to me in that it indicates my entrance into my late 20s. My life looks very different than I once thought it would, but I would surmise that this is a common trick of life and instead of whistling out to the edges, it is time to dive into the deep of life. The edges of life have been beautiful and taught me things I needed to learn, but the deep, the deep is where I need to go next. I don’t want to live life just wide – with lots of cool Instagram pictures and neat stories, I want to live life deep as well.

And so, steadfast.


I chose steadfast because I needed a little more faithfulness, sturdiness, stick-to-it-ness in my life. If I’m planting deep roots, then it is happening by getting my hands dirty every day. If I’m going to go deep, I need to sturdy up my lungs for this long dive. I’m still going out to the edges, but I’m also sinking into the middle.

Maybe because I love Etsy, or maybe because I’m slow and in need of constant reminder – I always get something to remind me of my word. I usually pick necklaces because I’ve found that there is something significant in what you carry around your neck and close to your heart all day long. I can buy rings and earrings and bracelets because they are cute – but my necklaces, they almost always have secret meanings and simple reminders. I need it that way.

So, here I am, nearly a quarter a way through 2014 and sinking into steadfastness. Come along side me, ok?

*Optional Doctor Who Tangent – the Water of Mars episode. I have a deep relationship with water, but nothing reminds me or its power (in a terrifying way) like that episode. It might remain the most terrifying episode to me ever.

**I bought the steadfast necklace on Etsy and I have bought several things from Liz and I love her and she is great and you can make this necklace say anything and you should all buy something from her. She didn’t even ask me to say this, I just really, really love her shop.


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