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But, don’t worry I remember again. I have about 10 minutes to give you a quick update on my life, before I have to leave for Systematic Theology. Anyway, this year has gotten off to a rather rough start. But, I have some quality friends here that are keeping me as sane as they can. And so for that, I am ok with being in OKC right now, even when I would so rather be in Portland. It makes me feel rather silly, like I’m 12. But, I’m not. I’m almost 20. And I mean almost. Because, my birthday is in a week and 3 days. I just love birthdays. Uh, school is all right. I have little motivation for it, but I’m trying. Social Committee is fun sometimes, stressful other times. Our Spring Banquet theme is 007, because it’s 2007. Haha. I think that will be fun, though. Uh, work is boring. My boss, Ciana, is close to having her baby (her due date is March 10) so soon I’ll have a new boss. For a while. Which is sad, I love Ciana. Anyway, that’s about all for now, I have to run to class. I’ll try to update more soon. Love you all!


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